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SIIG Industrial-Medical Grade Washable Backlit Keyboard with Pointing Device

SFr. 114.99


Product Details

  • WASHABLE KEYBOARD - Built with fully silicone-sealed technolgy and USB connector waterproof cap included to ensure water-proof and to protect the keyboard from contamination
  • COMPACT AND SPACE-SAVING - Track pointer integrated design for small work space setting
  • COMFORTABLE BRIGHTNESS - 4-level LED backlight adjustable to your preferred brightness
  • IDEAL FOR HARSH WORKING ENVIRONMENTS - Rugged designed for clinical, industrial and manufacturing facilities to withstand unforeseen site conditions
  • IP 68 COMPLIANT - Totally dust tight designed and hermetically sealed for continuous immersion in water

  • The Rubber Dome key switch technology is most commonly used on modern keyboards, the reason being they are very quiet and durable
  • Quickly and easily connect with the computer

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