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Black Box SFP, 155-Mbps Fiber with Extended Diagnostics, 1310-nm Multimode, 2 km, LC

SFr. 55.80


Product Details

  • Ideal for use with Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and 155-Mbps ATM.
  • Reports basic link characteristics such as SFP type, length of fiber link, wavelength, and bit rate.
  • Extended diagnostics enable this SFP to also report information such as temperature, TX and RX power, voltage, and bias current.
  • Hot-pluggable interface enables you to change SFPs on the fly when your network requirements change.
  • Compatible with SFP slots on most network devices. For details, contact our FREE Tech Support.

NOTE: This SFP does not work with Cisco® switches.

  • Supports optical fiber cable for durable performance, minimal signal loss, and fast data transfers to greater distances
  • With its thicker diameter to carry the light of multiple wavelengths, multi-mode fiber optic cable supports the high bandwidth to carry more information with greater fidelity
  • Fast Ethernet technology - An ideal solution for extending network connections to conference rooms, labs, lobbies and department workgroups
  • With 100Base-X technology, enjoy up to 100Mbps data transfer rate over supported network cable

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